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What injuries/ pains/ syndromes are treated at Simply Physio?

We successfully treat the vast majority of pain/injuries of the muscles, joints, and nerves throughout the body. Our success stories include patients dealing with everything from headaches and neck pain to bunions and ankle sprains; from knee, hip and low back pain to rotator cuff tears and tennis elbow. Chances are that if your pain/limitation is due to a muscle, joint, or nerve, and doesn’t require surgery, we can help (and we’ve had plenty of patients who were told they needed surgery but their pain was resolved with our treatments).

How long after an injury should I wait to be seen?

The longer you wait to get treatment, the longer it typically takes to fix the injury. Moving the tissues back into their pre-injury arrangement becomes harder the longer they have been in a distorted/injured state. However, we have plenty of patients who have been dealing with their pain for decades and we are still able to significantly improve their condition…often in just a few treatments.

How many treatments will I need until I’m 100% again?

The answer varies with every patient and is dependent on a large number of factors. In general, you will usually need less than half as many compared to traditional PT clinics or Chiropractors. Pain and dysfunction that has been present for a long time will usually take longer to fix than more recent/acute problems. Traditional clinics typically requires 12-14 visits. At Simply Physio, a usual episode of care consists of 8 visits (+ or – 2 visits based on other factors), that’s quite good compared to the competition!

Do I need a referral to start Physical Therapy?

No. The state of Tennessee allows individuals to receive up to 1 month of physical therapy without a referral or signed “plan of care.” We can treat for beyond a month duration if we receive a referral or signed “plan of care”. No referral is needed to begin treatment. Upon examination, if it is determined that you need to see a physician for further testing, you will be recommended to do so prior to having treatment.

What do I need to prepare for my 1st visit?

Once an appointment has been scheduled, you will receive information on how to complete your intake paperwork electronically, from the comfort of your home. We will also provide you with all needed information prior to your 1st appointment.

How frequently do I need to have visits?

Most patients need 1-2x/wk at Simply Physio vs. 3x/wk at insurance-based physical therapy clinics. Your specific condition may require more or less frequent visits. This aspect of your care will be discussed at your initial visit.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We offer a money back guarantee with our treatment! Yes, that’s right! If you are not happy with your care after 2-4 treatments, we will give you your money back and refer you to an appropriate specialist if needed. This is just one of many factors that makes your experience with us world-class. You won’t find this kind of offer elsewhere in the Knoxville area.

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Meet your PT

Founder, Simply Physio to give clients access to world-class, uncompromised physical therapy. You will receive 1:1 care by a board-certified doctor of physical therapy—100% of the time. This is what we call: SIMPLY PHYSIO, and quite frankly it is SIMPLY BETTER.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Been to several good therapists, but my favorite is John-Mark Chesney. Really helped improve my range of motion and quality of life. John-Mark really cares about your progress, and works to find the program that is right for the individual. He listens, and is really good about communicating with the patient. Highly recommended.

- D. Harding