Knoxville Health & Wellness Expo

An event dedicated to helping you live your healthiest and most fulfilling life, right in the comfort of your own home.

January 30 | 9:00-2:00pm EST

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Why Attend?

Our speakers are locally recognized health and wellness experts. Whether you are trying to eat healthier, get fit, sleep better, be mindful, or detoxify your home, the Wellness Expo will help you learn actionable steps to living a healthier and happier life.

A Virtual Expo?

Instead of hosting this event in person, you now have the opportunity attend it online! We use Zoom, which is very similar to Skype or FaceTime. It's very easy to use, and allows us to connect to you safely, from the comfort of your own home! This virtual expo is great for those avoiding public places due to health concerns. After you sign up for the expo, we review your application, and then send you an email with the zoom link a couple days before the big day!

For wellness enthusiasts, professionals, and health conscious individuals

Keynote Speakers 

Our keynote speakers are locally recognized health & wellness experts.

Dr. John-Mark Chesney, DPT


Simply Physio

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Dee Matchett


Osetostrong Farragut

Dr. Mark McColl, MD


Pillar Primary Care

Emily Kopek, PA-C


Restorative Functional Medicine

Dr. Nicholas Panella, MD


Park West ENT & Fort Loudoun Medical Center

Dr. Raye-Anne Ayo, MD


Family Health Center

Brook Park

Health Coach

FASTer Way to Fat Loss


9:00am - 9:05am  

Check In & Introduction

9:05am - 9:35am  

"Improving Bone Density"

with Dee Matchett at Osteostrong

9:40am - 10:10am  

"Insulin Resistance as the First Step of Diabetes and How to Cure It"

with Dr. Mark McColl at Pillar Primary Care

10:15am - 10:45am  

"The COVID-19 Vaccine"

with Dr Raye-Anne Ayo at Family Health Center

10:50am - 11:20am  

"The Functional Medicine Approach"

with Emily Kopek at Restorative Functional Medicine

11:25am - 11:55pm  

"Conquer Your Allergies"

with Dr. Nicholas Panella

12:00pm - 12:30  

"Solve Your Back Pain And Sciatica"

with Dr. John-Mark Chesney at Simply Physio

12:35pm - 1:05pm  

"FASTer Way to Fat Loss"

with Brook Park at FASTer Way to Fat Loss

1:10pm - 1:40pm  

"Taking Control of Your Water"

with Daniel Rochat at PerfectWater

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