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This patient started with a simple phone call with a physical therapist
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“John-Mark worked on my knee which had a torn meniscus and I can’t say enough of how great he did. I highly recommend him! He also treated my neck. I was having trouble with my neck for about two years. I was scared I was going to need to be operated on. He checked me out and ended up working on my neck for a few weeks and now I don’t need surgery! My neck doesn’t hurt me anymore! He is absolutely wonderful. Please don’t hesitate to use him and thank you John Mark for everything you did for me.”

– BC

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Founder, Simply Physio to give clients access to world-class, uncompromised physical therapy. You will receive 1:1 care by a board-certified doctor of physical therapy—100% of the time. This is what we call: SIMPLY PHYSIO, and quite frankly it is SIMPLY BETTER.