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Treatment Techniques at Simply Physio

Hands-on treatment

This includes specialized techniques to get joints moving better and reduce strain and tension in muscles. This type of treatment is often referred to as “manual therapy.”

Dry needling

For most people, this is the quickest way to relieve those muscle knots. This involves inserting a thin needle into the muscle knot, which “resets” the muscle so we can retrain the muscle to work as it was designed.


This is a great technique to help distract or pull tissue away from an overly sensitive or tight area.

Therapy tape

This therapy can help take strain off those muscles that are working “overtime.” Tape will give the muscles enhanced support, retrain more efficient movement, and encourage better posture.

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization

A special stainless steel tool is used at various depths to work the skin, fascia, muscle, and/or nervous system to help reduce sensitivity or pain in the area.

Movement retraining exercises

Movement patterns are retrained and muscle groups are developed to maximize your body’s movement and strength potential. Getting your body moving/positioned as it was designed is essential for achieving long-lasting relief and helping you return to the active lifestyle you desire.

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Meet your PT

Founder, Simply Physio to give clients access to world-class, uncompromised physical therapy. You will receive 1:1 care by a board-certified doctor of physical therapy—100% of the time. This is what we call: SIMPLY PHYSIO, and quite frankly it is SIMPLY BETTER.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Excellent physical therapist. I was able to continue the exercises at home that I was given to greatly improve function in my neck. Could not recommend anyone over John Mark. He is the BEST!!!!!!! I have been treated by him, my husband has been treated by him (neck one time and sciatic nerve the next time) and John-Mark kept him from having to have surgery and relieved his pain completely. John Mark has also treated other family members. He is the BEST of the BEST!!!!!!!!

- B. Elliott