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We Help People Age 45+ Stay Active, Live Free from Pain Medication, and Avoid Surgery So They Don’t Have to Slow Down or Miss Out on Life…

A Natural Solution For Your Body Pain

Suffering from pain? Been to see your doctor? Handed a prescription for pills? 

There is another way.

While prescription painkillers are a common scenario, you don’t need to remain at the mercy of pharmaceutical companies for your recovery and wellbeing. At Simply Physio, we aim to help avoid dependency on medication by means of physical therapy.

Our therapists believe that taking pills only masks your pain; it doesn’t solve the problem. Rather than hide from your problem, we want to see you back to health! Instead of following a path of medication, here at Simply Physio, we prefer to gear up for a personalised treatment service which targets and terminates the pain at source.

We’d be delighted to learn more about you and help transform your life! Get in touch with us and let’s get you on the right path! 

“Why Am I Hurting?

“Why Has Nothing Worked?

“Why Isn’t My Pain Getting Any Better?”

Most people think that back pain will just go away on its own. That they’ll wake up one day and the pain will magically go away as if it never happened. But six weeks later, they’re still suffering pain.

    We Treat a Variety of Conditions for People in Lenoir City, TN

    Everybody ages differently. As we get older, we all develop our problem areas. These areas can cause pain or discomfort and often prevent ease of movement. Trying to complete household chores or going about daily tasks can feel hopeless.

    The doctor’s most-favoured option? You guessed it. Pills!

    Seeking a medical diagnosis often only generalises your condition; ignoring your individual circumstances. Rather than treat you like a bare number for the accountancy books, we instead take the time to learn about your health situation. Your best chances of recovery are often unique to you. That’s why our therapists then establish a tailored one-on-one care package.

    We want you to enjoy an active lifestyle. By working together, we will find a natural solution to solve your body pain.

    Physical Therapy services that we offer in Lenoir City, TN include:

    • Back Pain Treatment
    • Knee Pain Relief
    • Shoulder Pain Relief
    • Yoga
    • Balance and Fall Prevention
    • Virtual Physical Therapy
    • Sports Injury Treatment

    Why Choose Simply Physio?

    We firmly believe that the majority of joint and muscle pain stems from old injuries that haven’t healed properly. Pain can also come from the way we sit or move. Whatever the cause, we can work with you for a complete natural solution. 

    If you have received poor advice, pain can also be confusing. Because of that, many people end up accepting that discomfort is just part of their life. We are here to prove that idea is false. 

    Our staff completely understand how pain and discomfort can leave you feeling. Get in touch with us today and let’s get you back on form! 

    Get Back on Your Feet Today!

    Have you been informed by your doctor that you are going to have to live with pain? There is another way and we can help. There is no reason why you should have to accept pain as your new normal. It’s time to tackle your ailments and get you back on your feet. It’s time for some physical therapy! 

    If you are ready to see a physical therapist in Lenior City, Tennessee, then give us a call to set up an appointment. We can promise that you won’t look back.

    “Find Out How People Just Like You, Came to Simply Physio – and Left Happier and Much Healthier!”

    Please enjoy watching stories of other people in back pain just like you who came to see the physical therapy team at Simply Physio – and left much healthier and happier:


    In His 60’s, Knoxville

    “Doing the physical therapy visit in a remote manner is certainly a little different . . . It’s worked out really pretty well, actually it’s fit into the schedule some ways easier because it eliminates travel time, so I’ve gained some time back in my day, which is a side benefit.


    In Her 50’s, Knoxville

    “I am a grandmother of two young, very active little girls and I work part-time. After having a back and hip injury that I needed some help with, I heard about Simply Physio . . . My goals were to be able to get back to my normal daily routine, to be able to move freely and comfortably, and to be able to pick up and play with my grandchildren. I also needed to be able to sit in a chair and work for a few hours a day at my job. Now, I have achieved those goals and I can do all those things!”


    In Her 50’s – Knoxville

    “They pinpointed that scoliosis was the root of my [hip] problems and we started working on things to help my scoliosis. . . Now I’m able to play tennis, I’m a lot stronger and more aware of my body and how it functions.”