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We Help People Age 45+ Stay Active, Live Free From Pain Medication, And Avoid Surgery So They Don't Have To Slow Down Or Miss Out On Life

Is pain keeping you from playing with your kids, exercising with friends, getting your work done, socializing and traveling, or getting a good night’s sleep? We specialize in helping people like you return to an active lifestyle without pain medication or surgery. 

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Knee Pain

Learn tips to ease knee pain without sacrificing an active lifestyle.

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Neck, Shoulder Pain

Ease neck and shoulder pain before it causes severe headaches.

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Low Back Pain

Learn how you may be making your back pain worse without realizing it.

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Five must ask questions

The five questions you must have answered before seeking treatment for your pain/ injury.

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At Simply Physio, We Have A Simple 3-Step Plan For You

Schedule an exam.

We will identify the root cause of your pain and customize a plan to eliminate every contributing factor.

Get on a plan.

Guided, individualized care every step of the way to execute the plan seamlessly—always working towards YOUR goals.

Achieve your goals.

With pain gone, you can now return back to the activities you love. Let’s do this!

What Our Patients Are Saying

I could not raise my neck to look at the ceiling, nor could I turn to the right, and I was having trouble even driving. I had tried physical therapy several times over the years, tried massage therapy, and I had just had gotten to the point before I came to Simply Physio that I couldn’t even pick up my ten pound poodle. And now, as you can tell, I can raise my head, I can turn my head, and every time I back out, I thank God!

-Donna C.

I injured my knee initially in 2008 . . . I reinjured that knee. I had an MRI and went to an orthopedic surgeon and he wanted to do ACL reconstruction on the knee. I didn’t want to have surgery so I just backed off on everything– I stopped exercising, barely walked . . . I used to walk almost every day with my kids in my neighborhood .Since working with simply physio I’ve been able to take the stairs at work without pain . . . and we are planning a hike this weekend. First hike in a long time. 

Since working with Simply Physio I’ve been able to see just how confident I can be . . . It’s amazing to see the distance you can come. You’ve got to do your homework though. 

- Tami B.