Our Staff

Dan Wells

Operations Manager

I grew up in Florida for 38 years before moving to Tennessee in late 2021. I’ve been in retail management for over 20 years with various companies. I attended IRSC, UCF, and FAU.

My core values are integrity and fairness.

At Simply Physio is I don’t specialize in any one area, but I tend to do whatever needs to get done. I wear many hats on a weekly basis!

Something patients have to deal with that I want to help with is creating a better patient experience in the medical office.

What I love about working here at Simply Physio is the great patients, great team, and great results.

What is Dan Watching, Reading or Listening to?

  • Tombstone (Movie)
  • For All Mankind (TV Show)
  • Barry (TV Show)

When I’m not working, I’m reading the news, woodworking, drumming, hockey, and video games.

Patient Testimonials

I started with Simply Physio end of Sept. 2022. A bit skeptical when I called as most of my pain is from arthritis. Figured they may not be able to help, but what the heck-gave it a try. I was assigned to Dr. Stephen Wilson. The initial phone call with Tangela was very friendly and professional. She was very encouraging to give a try, she said I would be seeing Dr. Stephen. When I walked in Tangela & Dan greeted me. Again very friendly, professional and big smiles. Met with Dr. Stephen for an assessment & consultation that week. Made the decision to give it go. GREAT decision. I believe in their goal and that each person there is true to this: “We Help People Age 45+ Stay Active, Live Free from Pain Medication, and Avoid Surgery So They Don’t Have to Slow Down or Miss Out on Life” (Taken from their website) Along with, physical therapy & home exercises, I feel one of the keys to their practice is encouragement and genuine feelings that they truly care! Dr. John-Mark Chesney thank you for your caring practice and the great team you have put together. And of course THANKS Stephen Wilson, I actually look forward to my appointments. 🙂

Experiences with Simply Physio have been life changing for me! I am so grateful for Grace Ivy’s tremendous insights and work with me, along with her recommended excellent exercises that keep me moving and walking! Thank you, John Mark Chesney, Grace Ivy, and Daniel Wells!