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This patient started with a simple phone call with a physical therapist
​(and look how happy he is now…)

“I suffered from lower back and leg pain after being struck from the rear by another vehicle while driving my car. While the pain was not immediate, I began having spasms and continuous pain after about six weeks. Though not debilitating, the pain was constant and prevented me from doing many of my daily activities including my favorite playing golf. I visited a chiropractor for 3 weeks with no improvement but needed to find help and he recommended physical therapy.

I visited a local physio therapy center for a consult and was seen by John-Mark Chesney. He recommended a rigorous program of massage therapy and exercise to reduce and eliminate muscle spasms and trigger points to prevent muscles from working in opposition to each other. John-Mark guided me through the process during each visit adding techniques and exercises targeting specific muscles and muscle groups for strength and flexibility. After finishing treatment my pain was eliminated with no lasting side effects. John-Mark is a compassionate caring therapist who works with each patient with techniques, pace, and treatment approach that fits their individual needs. I highly recommend John-Mark and am so grateful for his care. Happy Golfing!!!”

– ML

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