Faith Chesney

Administrative and Marketing Assistant

Faith recently returned to the workforce after being a stay at home mom for many years. She comes from a background in mentoring and non-profit work- which she was drawn to because she is passionate about supporting others so that they can be who they were made to be. In her current role at Simply Physio, she loves helping people find the support and expertise they need to address physical ailments that may be keeping them from living life to the fullest.

She also loves seeing patients progress and the transformation that happens physically and emotionally as they regain joy by being able to return to the things they love and not having to worry about their nagging pain. And it’s a bonus that she gets to support her husband, John-Mark, in his passion for helping others, too.


  • Hometown: Newark, DE
  • Favorite Place: The Beach
  • Restaurant: Since John-Mark said Kefi, I’ll say Seasons and Zoes
  • Treat: Macarons (but not macaroons), decaf lattes
  • City: San Juan, Puerto Rico has the interesting architecture/history, amazing food, and beach trifecta that I love
  • Book: A Horse and His Boy or really pretty much anything by CS Lewis; any book I get to read aloud to my kids
  • TV Show: Parks and Recreation
  • Ways to Stay Active: Running around with my kids, Zumba, lifting weights

You can send Faithan email at: ​