5 Very Useful Secrets About Staying Hydrated

5 Very Useful Secrets About Staying Hydrated

April 4, 2018

If you are someone who is actively taking steps towards living a healthier lifestyle, one of the first tips you might hear is: “drink more water.”  A true statement?  Absolutely.  But not exactly helpful in nailing down the specifics of why our bodies must stay hydrated, specific guidelines around the type of water to drink, the amount of water your body needs, and the timing in which to get our daily servings of “sky juice”.

Without proper hydration, just about every function in the body is affected – not the least of which includes nutrient absorption, overall energy levels, mental clarity, and detoxification.

We tell clients: if you are not willing to hydrate, no amount of organic food or world class supplement will be able to work the way it’s supposed to.

Here are some quick answers to common questions I receive about staying hydrated:

1. Does the kind of water I drink really matter?
Yes.  Filtered or reverse osmosis water is best.  Our tap water is full of chemicals, toxins, and many other harmful substances.  It IS worth investing in a quality water filter to keep your water, water!  Added minerals to “enhance taste” are artificial substances mixed in that can greatly diminish the effectiveness and purity of water in the body.  Keep it clean, keep it plan and simple: H2O.

If you have ever wondered or thought about getting a whole house water filtration system- or wonder who to trust in the Knoxville area- please “Hit Reply” and just ask. Dr. John-Mark Chesney has interviewed a handful of Knoxville based companies and would be glad to share with you who he trusts. In fact, he personally has just invested in a whole house water purification system and would be glad to point you in the right direction to have all your questions answered by an expert in the field.

2. How much water does my body need?
A minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water per day.  Weigh 100lbs?  Your body needs about 50oz of water today.  If you are going through a detox program or cleansing process, your body may need more to help flush out toxins.

3. Does caffeine affect how much water I need to drink everyday?
Yes.  For every ounce of caffeine you drink, add an ounce of water to your daily hydration routine.  For example, if you weigh 100lbs and enjoy 8oz of caffeinated coffee in the morning, then you will need 58oz of water total to offset the dehydrating effects of the coffee.  Also, for every 30 minutes you sweat per day, add 8oz of water.  So if you weigh 100lbs, enjoy 8oz of coffee in the morning, and workout for 45 minutes today, then your total intake that day will be 70oz of good, clean, water.  Find a sturdy, reusable water bottle (glass or stainless still is ideal) to take with you and calculate how many times you will need to refill it each day in order to hit your body’s hydration needs!

4. Can I count other liquids I drink during the day towards my daily water intake?

No.  Enjoying tea, coffee, Kombucha, almond/coconut milk, coconut water, or other healthy beverages is not a bad thing, but only pure, clear water counts towards your daily water intake.

5. Does it matter when I hydrate?
Yes.  It may be tempting to drink larger amounts of water, less often — guzzling down 12-16oz at a time to hit your daily intake goal.  However, it’s best to drink less water, more often, ideally sticking to 3-4oz of water every thirty minutes.  While it may take time and practice to create the habit of drinking water consistently throughout the day, rest assured: once you adjust to being properly hydrated, you’ll wonder how you ever went without this much good, clean water!


Thank you to Allison McLeod, Holistic Health Practitioner- for your expertise and contributions with the information in this article.

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