Can Physical Therapy Help Your Headache- Take this quiz to find out…

Can Physical Therapy Help Your Headache- Take this quiz to find out…

October 5, 2019

Headache Quiz- Can Physical Therapy Help?

Headaches and migraines can be debilitating. I have had a few migraines in my life and man do they shut me down. I tend to get my migraines when I’m traveling. There can be many different triggers for headaches: food, harsh chemicals or cleaning products, sinus pressure, and neck tension or pain. My migraines have all stemmed from my neck. It starts with some tension in the back of the neck- usually related to prolonged sitting, awkward sleeping, and dehydration. If I try to ignore it- then it can escalate into a migraine. Now I should no better- but sometimes I don’t feel like doing the exercises either (:

Do you get frequent headaches or migraines, or do you know someone who does? If so- then take the headache quiz below

Headache Quiz:

  1. Do certain positions, postures, or activities bring on your headache?
  2. Do your headaches tend to be one sided (left or right)?
  3. Do your headaches start towards the back of your head and wrap around towards the front?
  4. Do you have headaches more often when you are stressed or tense?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions- then you likely have what is called a “cervico-genic” headache. This means a headache the originates from the neck. 

Most people carry tension and stress in their upper shoulders and neck- as this tension increases, muscles get knotted up, tension reduces blood circulation to the muscles, pressure starts pulling on the spine in awkward ways, and headaches are produced.

We had a client recently that had been suffering for over 15 yrs with chronic headaches and migraines. She had tried chiropractic adjustments, botox injections, meditation, and prescription migraine medication. She would get temporary relief with these treatments and told us that the medication would help take away her migraines, but the medication gave her considerable nausea and a “fuzzy brain”- so she would only take them if it was the last resort.

Luckily, we had treated her family member who told her about us and she gave us a chance to help.

On her first visit we were able to confirm that she did have headaches that we could help her with. She was able to complete her plan of care with resounding success!- and she also left with a plan to keep her headaches at bay.

If you suffer from headaches one simple exercise to perform is called a “Chin Tuck.”

This exercise will help to start to loosen up tension at the back of the skull. Also try to avoid the forward head postures that add more tension to your neck and shoulders.

Now back to the quiz- did you answer “Yes” to any of those questions? If so- don’t suffer unnecessarily- we would be happy screen you here in the clinic to see if we can solve your headache problems. We will be happy to set up your headache screening consultation, just click here to apply for your FREE Discovery Visit

Here’s to your Health!

Dr. John-Mark

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