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Episode 11: Therapeutic Reflexology, Thermography, and Detoxification” with Carrie Wagner

Episode #11: “Therapeutic Reflexology, Thermography, and Detoxification” with Carrie Wagner

Local health expert, Carrie Wagner, sits down with Dr. John-Mark to discuss her unique outlook on restoring health through reflexology and detoxification. Carrie is owner of Knoxville Reflexology Group.

Listen to the episode to find out:

  • What is reflexology and how does it work
  • Learn about an adjunctive tool for screening breast cancer 
  • Why detoxification is beneficial for improving your health
  • The harmful effects of gluten 
  • How reflexology can help you recover from surgery
  • And much more…

If you’re interested in improving your health and wondering if therapeutic reflexology may be right for you- please visit her website to find out more information and how to schedule an appointment. 


Carrie is offering a 20% discount for thermography scans through the end of August for the “Stay Healthy Knoxville” community. Click here to find out more about thermography.  You can also schedule an appointment by calling (865) 588-1911


Stay Healthy Knoxville and thanks for listening!