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Episode 12: Reversing Diabetes and Metabolic Disease with Dr. Randy Pardue

Local metabolic disease expert and family physician, Dr. Randy Pardue, sits down with Dr. John-Mark to discuss his growing concern over the high number and increasingly lower age of patients presenting with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, along with the need to prescribe more and higher doses of medication to manage these medical conditions.

This scenario led to a personal commitment to identify new, scientifically proven methods to prevent, delay and reverse the development of chronic diseases and transform how American physicians treat chronic disease. 

Listen to the episode to find out:

  • How he is helping people reverse diabetes
  • Learn about the program he has created: Vital Signs and how it helps people find success
  • How to find the right balance between exercise, diet, and weight management
  • How more meds = poorer quality of life, and what your options are to reverse this cycle
  • Best tip for staying healthy
  • Dr. Pardue’s #1 place to eat in Knoxville and favorite thing to do in Knoxville
  • And much more…

If you or you know someone who is struggling with a metabolic disease such as diabetes– then share this episode with them.

If they live in Knoxville then they may be interested in the “Vital Sign’s Program”

Vital Signs is a medically based nutrition, fitness, and wellness program focusing on disease reversal, brain training, and behavioral change.

Address2531 Willow Point Way, Knoxville, TN 37931 


Stay Healthy Knoxville and thanks for listening!