Episode 5: Benefits Of Essential Oils With Julie Callis

Episode 5: Benefits Of Essential Oils With Julie Callis

February 20, 2023

January 12, 2019

Young Living Platinum leader, Julie Callis, sits down with Dr. John-Mark to discuss the benefits of essential oils in daily life. Julie talks about what inspired her to learn more about essential oils, the benefits for her and her family, and some of the misconceptions that people have about oils.

If your listening in January, be sure to visit us on Jan. 31st for a special event at the Joydropper Classroom- “Essential Oils And Toxic Free Living”. This is a free event that’s open to the Stay Healthy Knoxville Community

If your new to essential oils and would like to find out how you may incorporate them into your day- then come join us for this free event! Classroom is located at 112 Sherway Rd, Knoxville, Tennessee 37922

Listen to this episode to find out:

  • How to get started with Essential Oils
  • Ways to improve your health using Essential Oils
  • Julies #1 recommended tip when using Essential Oils
  • Dr. John-Mark’s Essential Oils iTOVI scanning results- does he pass the test?
  • and much more…

Thanks for listening!

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