Episode 9: Fitness After 40 with Andrew Henderson

Episode 9: Fitness After 40 with Andrew Henderson

February 20, 2023

May 8, 2019

Personal training guru Andrew Henderson sits down with Dr. John-Mark to discuss all things exercise the benefits and the benefits of personal training. We discuss what makes Fitness Together unique, the importance of nutrition, and how to keep motivated and on track.

Listen to the episode to find out:

  • Common misconceptions about exercise and what your strategy should be
  • Andrew’s take on fad diets and how to lose weight
  • What is the BEST kind of cardio exercise for someone with ‘bad knees’
  • The importance of flexibility and balance training with meeting your goals
  • How to stay motivated and moving- with some very actionable tips
  • Andrew’s background in sports psychology and how that impacts his fitness program development
  • And much more…

If you’re interested in learning more about working with Andrew and his team, he is offering Stay Healthy Knoxville listeners a free personal training evaluation/ training session. To reach Andrew to find out more about Fitness Together- you can contact him at 865-273-0382 or knoxFT– and mention Stay Healthy Knoxville to receive your free 1st session!

Stay Healthy Knoxville and Thanks for listening!

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