SHK 025: “Reclaim Your Gut and Digestive Health” with Emily Kopek

SHK 025: “Reclaim Your Gut and Digestive Health” with Emily Kopek

February 20, 2023

Dr. John-Mark Chesney sits down with Emily Kopek from Restorative Functional Medicine to discuss ways you can help to turn around your gut and digestive health.

If you have been suffering from chronic gut and digestive issues, listen here to find out:

  • What is “Functional Medicine”
  • What are the 4 crucial steps for optimizing your gut health
  • What are the signs of an unhealthy gut/ digestive system?
  • How can I increase the amount of good bacteria in my gut?
  • What are probiotics and should I be taking them?
  • And so much more…

Emily Kopek is an Physician Assistant and owner of Restorative Functional Medicine. As an expert in Functional Medicine, she has help patients in the Knoxville area get to the root of their chronic ailments.

She is offering the Simply Physio community a special offer for those interested in restoring their gut and digestive health: 10% off the first visit to the first 7 individuals who call her office at 865-397-9506. Just call Restorative Functional Medicine and mention that you heard of this offer from the podcast with Simply Physio.

Thanks for listening and Stay Healthy Knoxville!

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