SHK 034: “Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy in Direct Primary Care Medicine with Dr. Luke Howell”

SHK 034: “Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy in Direct Primary Care Medicine with Dr. Luke Howell”

February 20, 2023

On this episode I have the honor of talking with Dr. Luke Howell.

Dr. Howell is a family medicine physician practicing at Pillar Primary Care. His medical training is in osteopathic medicine and we got to discuss the amazing blend of osteopathic care delivered in a direct primary care model. If you are uncertain what those terms mean, then you want to be sure to listen to the podcast!

Dr. Howell joined Pillar Primary Care in Knoxville, TN at the beginning of August 2022 and is accepting patients of all ages.

Dr. Howell is excited to offer his unique skill set of osteopathic family medicine direct primary care for our community.

On the episode we get to hear Dr. Howell’s personal story with his own journey into medicine and how that experience started him on a path connecting him to Pillar Primary Care in Knoxville.

If you are intrigued with partnering with a primary care physician who has time and space to help solve your health related issues by addressing the root cause- then be sure to check out this episode to hear all about:

  • What is Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT)?
  • How is OMT different from chiropractic care?
  • For what conditions is OMT helpful?
  • How does OMT fit into a Direct Primary Care model?
  • If I’m pretty healthy, why should I see a doctor regularly?
  • And much more…

Dr. Luke Howell works at Pillar Primary Care in Harden Valley. Dr. Howell and the rest of team at Pillar Primary Care provides you with a relationship with your PCP allowing you to spend more time with your doctor so you can live a longer, healthier life. Healthcare without hassles, built for you.

If you interested in experiencing healthcare that’s really all about your health, where you can spend as much time with your doctor as you need, then be sure to reach out to Dr. Luke Howell.

You can find out more about their practice at or by calling their office at 865-244-1800.

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