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Flat Feet- No Problem… Watch Video Tutorial to Fix Your Foundation

Flat Feet

Have you ever bought a house or gone through a home inspection? What would be a deal breaker? Often people ask- “So how is the foundation?”

Why is the foundation so important or cracks in the foundation a potential deal breaker? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, right? A poor foundation or cracks in the foundation can be a disaster. If the foundation is off, it is highly unlikely that the rest of the house is solid. And have you ever heard of a poor foundation just “getting better” on its own- no- they only get worse. Cracks get bigger and walls will start sagging even greater- just give it time.

So how is your foundation- not on your house, but on you? I see so many clients that have “cracks” in their foundation. When I look at my client’s feet, I often see a loss of arch height which causes the foot to flatten, the knee to deviate in, and even the hip to rotate. These compensations can be a big contributor to someone’s pain or injury

The “average” American takes 7,000 steps per day. In a year- that equates to over 2 ½ million steps. Now if you have a little extra stress on your joints with each step due to faulty alignment issues- imagine how that little bit of stress can accumulate over a year’s duration- or after having taken 2 ½ million steps? Scary-huh.

There can be a handful of factors that contribute to a lose of arch height. What I find is that the body is trying to make up for a stiff joint elsewhere- usually in the ankle, great toe, or tight calf’s. But even when these areas are freed-up- the arch still stays flat due to the atrophy of the intrinsic foot muscles.

Do you have flat feet or low arches?
If so- try these tests and self-treatments 1st by watching HERE.

The second step is to start strengthening your foot intrinsic (the foot muscles that help strengthen and support your arch) by performing the “short-foot” exercise. Watch the video here for the demonstration:


John-Mark Chesney

John-Mark Chesney

Dr. John-Mark Chesney, PT, DPT, OCS, CDNT helps people in Knoxville stay active, healthy and mobile - so you can spend time doing the activities you love instead of sitting at the doctor’s office. His practice, Simply Physio, specializes in helping people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s move and feel better without the use of prescription pain-killers or procedures like injections or surgery. For more than a decade, 1000’s of people have trusted John-Mark Chesney with their healthcare questions concerning aches and pains. He has been providing solutions for people who suffer from disabling pain, solutions that don’t involve pain medication, braces, injections, or surgery. He works with people 40- 60+ on a daily basis and has completed extensive training on the most effective, research supported, hands-on treatments and healing movements that can give fast relief to people who suffer from muscle and joint pain. Clients seek out John-Mark Chesney as he has built a reputation for helping people regain their independence and return back to an active and healthy lifestyle.
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